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The Editorial Board asks authors to submit their papers to the editor, in printed and electronic forms, paying special attention to the scientific and practical aspects of their works.

 The Academic Legal Journal publishes scientific articles on the results of research on legal sciences.

Articles are accepted for publication on the recommendation of one of the departments of the Institute or one of the board members, in accordance with these rules. The paper should not exceed one unit (up to 16 pages of computer text), including drawings, tables, graphs, summaries and keywords in Tajik, Russian and English, given at the end. Abstract in the same languages should contain no more than four sentences and the number of keywords should be given up to ten words and word combinations. The text should be presented in the Microsoft Office Word program: font size - 14 headset - Times New Roman Tj, line spacing - 1.5, farmland - 2.5 cm on all sides. The use of specific Tajik letters in the materials prepared in the Tajik language, as well as keywords and annotations are necessary. Pages must be numbered.

To the article should be attached a cover letter from the institution (for foreign authors), review of the relevant department of the Institute, abstracts and keywords (in Tajik, Russian and English) in duplicate, with the name of the article, initials and surname of the author.

Accepted for publication research materials should not previously be published in other publications. At the end of the article after the text and annotations there should be given a list of references, on the left side one should indicate the name(s) of the institution that submit the article(s), as well as information about the author(s), telephone and signature of the author (s).

When making a list of references  one should indicate: a) for books - surname and initials of the author(s), full name of the books, place of publication, the publisher, year of publication, volume number, page; b) for journal articles and collections - surname and initials of the author, article title, journal title or collection, year of publication, and page number (for collection). After repeated references to the same literature standard abbreviations are acceptable.

To existing tables in the text one should print a duplicate of the tables indicating the page to which the tables belong.

In the case of the return of the article to the author for substantial corrections or its final editing, one should make any necessary corrections in the final version of the manuscript to the editor and return the corrected text, as well as its electronic version identical with the original version of the manuscript.

Responsibility for the use of the data, not intended for open publication lies on the authors of articles in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The editors reserve the right to make editorial changes and reduction of manuscripts.

Articles that do not meet these rules will not be accepted for the publication.

The scientific journal "News of the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Law named after A.Bahovaddinov of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan" is an academic journal, which is published by the basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of science, for the degree of Doctor of Science.

The main contents of this publication is a scholarly articles, scientific reviews and book reviews. The publication released 4 issues per year and comes with a frequency of at least 8 issues for 2 years. The name and contents of headings edition of the branches of science and specialty groups of scientists in accordance with the nomenclature of scientific specialties, which are awarded degrees, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of February 20, 2015, №114 (registered by Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation 21 April 2015, registration №36946).

Publication shall review all incoming materials to the editor corresponding to its category, with a view to peer review. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject and have peer-reviewed material relevant publications. Editorial publications to the authors of submissions or copies of reviews reasoned refusal.

The publication is registered in the Russian Science Citation Index (RISC) and provides information on published scientific articles published editions. The electronic archive is presented on the journal's website and in the Russian Science Citation Index (eLIBRARY.RU). The site of the journal all the materials are in the public domain.

The editorial board includes 2 academicians, 3 corresponding members, 10 doctors of sciences, 2 candidates from among scientific and educational workers. All members of the editorial board are recognized experts.

All published research papers have bibliographies, drawn up in accordance with the rules of publication.

All published scientific articles have keywords and annotations in Russian and English languages.

The jornal has an international Standard Serial Number (ISSN 0235-005X).



The main journal's columns:

In the field of philosophy: ontology and epistemology, the history of philosophy, philosophy of science and technology, social philosophy, philosophy and history of religion, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of religion, and religious studies.

In the field of law sciences: theory and history of the state; history of legal doctrines, constitutional law; municipal law, civil law; business law; family law; international private law, administrative law, financial law, information law.

In the field of political science: theory and philosophy of politics, history and methodology of political science, political institutions, political processes, political technologies, political problems of international relations and political issues of global and regional development, conflict.

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